Awesome Eid pampering spots in Qatar

When it comes to TLC, the kind you dote upon yourself is the most important. Whether you’ve had a stressful week or have a big holiday planned over Eid, finding awesome pampering spots never go amiss. Everyone needs time alone to reflect on life and there’s no better place than a salon or even better, the spa.

Peruse our quick guide to the 8 best beauty spots in the UAE for a bit of ‘me time’. You can then strut around feeling like the million Rials you are!

Aria Spa: 60Min Aromatherapy Massage

Estimated Savings: QAR400
Location: Millennium Plaza Doha

There isn’t a problem a good massage can’t sort out. If the massage doesn’t do it though, the amazing nights’ sleep you’ll get afterwards should do the trick!

Aysel Beauty Lounge: Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Estimated Savings: QAR270
Location: Al Diyafa Suites Hotel

Pretty nails aren’t the most important thing in the world but they sure do help when you need a little pampering. A sparkly nail and some jazzy colours can brighten anyone’s day!

Glamour Beauty Salon: Cut & Blow-Dry

Estimated Savings: QAR350
Location: The Pearl Qatar

A bad hair day can really dampen your mood and if you have problems with frizzy hair, we feel your pain. Especially living in the desert! Glamour has got you covered though with excellent blow-dries that will keep you looking sleek and smooth, no matter the weather (except, rain maybe).

Bronzage Spa: Tanning Session

Estimated Savings: QAR100
Location: Mall of Qatar

When you have a tan you literally feel like you can take on the world. Well, that’s how we feel anyway! Get that gorgeous glow without having to spend hours in the sun. Sounds perfect to us!

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