Qatar’s Amazing New Offers

Work up a sweat in the gym, reward yourself with delicious food then treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation treatment… Yes Qatar, here are your amazing new offers!

So just what is included in the list of amazing new offers?

For the fitness enthusiasts!

There is fit, and then there is Crossfit

Location: The Pearl Qatar

If you’ve been meaning to focus on getting a little fitter (haven’t we all), now’s your chance. And what better way to push yourself to your fitness limits than with Crossfit sessions?! With One Month of Unloaded Classes 2 for 1 on your ENTERTAINER, not only will you save yourself 750 QR, but you’ll be able to take on a new challenge that’ll leave you looking – and feeling – great! You’ll be wanting to hashtag your Insta pics with #fitfam in no time.

For the ones seeking the ultimate relaxation

Forget all worries at woes at Skinsation

Location: The Curve Hotel

After that gorgeous hot massage to release all your inner tension? Sounds like you may need a Hot Stone Massage (or 2) at Skinsation. Book in now to ensure you’re feeling back to your best, and pat yourself on the back for saving 400 QR, too (not too hard though, you don’t want to undo all the hard work).

And for the ones who love to tuck in to some new dishes!

Sample Syrian delicacies at Haret Jdoudna

Location: Doha Downtown Hotel Apartments

Quite simply: delicious Syrian cuisine in a traditional and classy atmosphere. Buy one get one free on Main Courses, so call up a friend, ask them if they’d like to catch up, and treat them to dinner!

Visit the popular Casper & Gambini’s

Location: Landmark Mall

This unique all-day dining restaurant specialises in offering a fine, yet casual dining experience, in over ten cities! Choose from some healthy bites, home-made pasta and house specials. If you can’t quite choose, you can opt for two main dishes, and pay for just the one.

Pop out to the trendiest new spot, 41DWS Qatar

Location: Al Sadd

One of the newest and hip spots in Doha, 41DWS delivers a variety of cuisines expertly created in an American fashion. From home-made burgers to stone-baked pizza, only the finest ingredients are used (and they’re all winners!), so it’s only fair you try a couple of them.

Go mad for sushi at Cactus Senshi

Location: Al Sadd

Have you ever tasted Falafel Maki? How about Shrimp Biryani Maki? Who would have ever thought! Cactus Sushi infuses traditional sushi with twists from around the region to give your taste buds a delicious and interesting experience. Definitely not one to miss, especially with savings of up to 70 QR.

Pizza, pasta, bread… Load up on carbs at Corsica Restaurant

Location: Concorde Hotel Doha

Load up on your favourite carb dishes at this superb authentic Italian eatery, where you can dine on the ever popular traditional delicacies, while listening to the soft sound of Italian music in the background. Pizza, pasta, burrata, bread and steaks are available (and salad, but nobody’s allowed to order that at an Italian) – the hard choice is yours!

Experience the open kitchen at Tawabel

Location: Al Hilal

Tawabel, the traditional cuisine of the Levant with great taste inspired from Turkish dishes and spices, delivers fab Main Courses (on your ENTERTAINER, of course) in its cute interior! And what’s even better, you can watch your food being cooked within the open kitchen!

These amazing new offers now need to be checked out – what are you waiting for?!

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