Hot Dogs & Burgers Make For The Perfect 4th of July[:]

4th of July is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, this gives us all the perfect excuse to head inside (no one has time for an outdoor BBQ in this heat) and celebrate the ‘Merican way! Personally, we don’t need an excuse to stuff our faces with anything deep-fried but if you need a little encouragement we’ve found some wonderful American eateries to help you indulge and celebrate American Independence.

TGI Friday’s: Main Course

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: QAR80

Amongst the more traditional American fare, you’ll also find amazing platters and nibbles including some awesome wings and a selection of wonderfully fried food for the ultimate 4th of July blowout.

Boston’s: Main Course

Location: City Centre Rotana Doha
Estimated Savings: QAR60

These guys are famous for their metre long sausage and their delectable American cuisine. Their hot dogs are known to cause sighs of satisfaction and their side dishes are what we would call moreish.

Roger’s Diner: Main Course

Location: Suhaim Bin Hamad Street
Estimated Savings: QAR55

With a typical American road-side diner feel to it, you will not only enjoy the fantastic selection of American favourites including burgers bursting at the seams and towering ice cream sundaes, but you’ll feel like you’re in a throwback to the 50s with the red leather benches and old school memorabilia.

Lord of the Wings: Eight Wings

Location: The Pearl Qatar
Estimated Savings: QAR40

Wings, wings and more wings! With a bucket load of sauces and varieties, you’ll have to schedule in an entire day to make sure you get a taste of all their brilliant flavours this 4th of July.

Santa Monica Breakfast Club: Main Course

Location: Grand Hyatt Doha
Estimated Savings: QAR50

As the name suggests, you’ll find some epic plates of breakfast food here, such as the eye-poppingly, good-looking French toast and pancakes but if you stick around you can also tuck into massive burgers, freak shakes and other classics.

Firefly Burger: Burger

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: QAR26

The burgers here are just insane. Bigger than your head and filled with some mind-blowing ingredients this is one fancy burger spot to celebrate 4th of July. Make sure you try their cheese-injected volcano burger…it’s heavenly.

Chili’s: Main Course

Location: Multiple Location
Estimated Savings: QAR40

You haven’t been to Chili’s without eating the Chocolate Molten Cake but before you destroy this wondrous work of art you can eat like a true American with fries, potato skins, fried chicken, burgers and more.

WazzUp Hotdog & Egg: Main Menu Item

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: QAR20

A firm favourite amongst American’s and visitors to the larger than life country, hot dogs can be customised and eaten in so many ways, you are sure to find the perfect hot dog to chow down on.

You can thank us later for the good eats and we hope you celebrate 4th of July in style and with full stomachs. Don’t forget to tag us! #experienceiseverything[:]

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