The Qatar Buffet Rundown

Buffets are a popular pastime in Qatar and with every restaurant, bar, club and cafe competing for your business, it can certainly feel overwhelming when deciding where to have your next feast and organising it can be even worse! We know, it’s stressful. Finding the perfect buffet spot to take your family to or get your friends all in one place can seem like an Olympic sport and it can certainly take its toll on your wallet. This is where we come in with our Qatar buffet rundown!

We have a little guide to some well-known, top-notch buffets that perhaps you didn’t even know were on your ENTERTAINER.

On top of the regular buffet offers, we add plenty of Monthly buffet offers throughout the year to keep you going as well. You can try out a different place every week if you wanted, saving as you go!

Corniche: Buffet or Friday Urban Brunch

Estimated Savings: QAR198/220
Location: Doha Marriott Hotel

Forknife: Buffet or Friday Brunch

Estimated Savings: QAR165/219
Location: Movenpick Hotel West Bay Doha

Vine: Buffet

Estimated Savings: QAR150
Location: The St. Regis Doha

Choices: Buffet

Estimated Savings: QAR149
Location: Oryx Rotana Doha

The Lagoon: Dinner Buffet

Estimated Savings: QAR195
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Doha

Tolaitola: Buffet

Estimated Savings: QAR120
Location: Ezdan Palace Hotel

What are you waiting for?! The weekend is always around the corner and there are buffets waiting to be booked…see you there!

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