Things To Do Outdoors In Qatar This Winter

Beaches, pools, tours, watersports….these are all fantastic things to add to your to-do list in Qatar but when it’s 40+ degrees outside, some of these activities that require you to head outdoors, lose their charm somewhat. This is why, when temperatures finally drop, we are impatient to get outdoors in Qatar and make the most of the glorious sunshine that won’t burn us to a crisp.

We can’t wait to get out on the ocean, floppy hat and sunnies at the ready, or stroll along the beach and grab an ice cream before throwing on a jumper (we know, it sounds ridiculous in the Gulf but we can’t wait to get some use out of woolly wear) and admire whichever view takes our fancy that evening, as we can actually sit out on balconies again!

Here are some things you’ll find us crossing off our list this winter –

Alghais Diving: Try Dive at Banana Island

Estimated Savings: QAR700
Location: Banana Island Resort

It’s great being out on the water but sometimes, you just want to dive headfirst and submerge yourself in the ocean. Let the waves and the calm of the sea take you on an underwater journey and check out some cool sea life while you’re at it!

VIP Hotel Pool: Day Pass

Estimated Savings: QAR75
Location: VIP Hotel

Forget your phone at home and spend the day chilling by the pool with friends. De-stress, catch a tan and take a dip in the pool, after all, it’s the perfect weather for it!

Pool – The Ritz-Carlton Doha: Pool Pass

Estimated Savings: QAR100
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Doha

Take some time for yourself and head to The Ritz-Carlton for a well-deserved day off from work and stress. Soak up some sun rays, sip on a mocktail and let your worries melt away.

Venice Yacht: 120Min Big Yacht Charter

Estimated Savings: QAR3,000
Location: The Pearl Qatar

If boats are your thing and you can’ think of anything more relaxing than bobbing along with the waves and a sea breeze in your hair, then this is the activity for you. Grab some friends and a make a day of it out to sea.

National Cruise: Hit the Beach

Estimated Savings: QAR375
Location: Doha

Take a day trip and make some memories with this two-hour premiere cruise with a set menu included, to keep you fuelled for the day along with some awesome water activities to spice it up. It will be a day to remember, that’s for sure.

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