Social distancing doesn’t have to ruin Ramadan

Ramadan is a time for connectedness, family, reflection and love. At first glance, these things might seem challenging while you are staying home but we here to help you out. Don’t let social distancing affect your Ramadan!

With a little bit of effort, now, more than ever is the perfect time to truly embrace the spirit of Ramadan. People all over the globe are connecting to loved ones far and wide and figuring out ways to share from afar.

Here are a few suggestions to foster what everything Ramadan represents in your homes and spread positivity and generosity further than you thought possible…

Sharing is caring

Being grateful with what you have right now is a major part of Ramadan. You might think sharing without human contact is near impossible right now but that’s not true. Nothing can stop the desire to do good and with a little planning, you can help others less fortunate than you regardless of social distancing.

Why not arrange a food delivery for family or friends through our app? Or put together a care package and send it to whoever your heart desires using Careem box or Fetchr. You can even do some batch cooking and pack up food parcels to be delivered all over the UAE to your loved ones.

Stay connected during Ramadan

Online communication tools are the new norm now. We spend our evenings on Zoom as I way to feel close to our loved ones. The great thing is, you can do so much more than just talk using these tools.

You can arrange Iftar with your family and friends through Zoom. Arranging the same food delivery for everyone in your family, and breaking your fast together while eating the same food is a wonderful way to stay connected during Ramadan.

You can also find Taraweeh prayers streamed online for you to take part in at home with your family. You could set up a Zoom call and partake together to feel closer to one another.

Personal growth

Using this quiet, pensive time to work on yourself is a fantastic way to utilise your fasting hours. Work on your self-control, empathy for others and use your time to study the Quran more thoroughly. You could also learn something new by helping your family cook in preparation for iftar, perhaps.

Plan ahead and think about your iftar menus in advance so you can limit the number of times you need to visit the shop. Do what you can to protect your community from the safety of your home.

Make time for reflection

While you are inside, keeping safe, you can use this time to reflect on the things you have around you. Your cupboards and wardrobes are probably crying out for some organisation too…

So, why not use this time to reorganise and put aside some non-perishable food, clothes and other items in your house that you no longer need but could be donated to those less fortunate. Giving back to the community is a fundamental activity at this time of year and social distancing can’t ruin this Ramadan tradition.

Donate online this Ramadan

The ENTERTAINER has partnered with Emirates Red Crescent for people in the UAE to donate their discount (2-for-1 or 25% off the total bill) when ordering food through the app. If you are located in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain or Kuwait, you can also donate online from the safety of your home to any number of charities during this time of giving and kindness.

If you know someone the UAE who would like to donate to Emirates Red Crescent – please click here

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