Qatar Through Lulu Mohamad Ali’s Eyes

Here at the ENTERTAINER, we love getting to know some of the fabulous faces behind our favourite accounts, and Lulu from @lulumohamadali is no different! Founder of Paradigm Marketing & Events, the Qatar-based beautiful blogger has kindly given us an insight into how life in the fast lane is…

Q&A: Get to know Lulu!

Can you introduce yourself to our community and tell us what we would find if we started following you on Instagram?

Hi all! Well, I was raised in Doha, and have been living here for 26 years. I decided that I would like to study Fashion Design in VCU, and then went on to graduate with a Marketing degree in Lebanon. When I came back to Doha, I combined both passions across my social media platforms, where I work closely with brands to customise content that suits my business – and things that I think my followers want to see.

On my Instagram, you’ll find a lot of fashion related posts, as well as posts about my marketing company, which I founded a year ago. You will also see a few travel posts, as my hectic lifestyle allows me to go on many adventures. However, these trips do also give me the opportunity to unwind, before finding enough energy to come back and start working again!

What do you love the most about living in Qatar?

My favorite thing about living in Doha is that I feel extremely secure and safe here – I never worry have to worry about leaving my keys in the car when I go for a quick run to the supermarket! What I also love is how genuine and strong the culture is. You can really feel that passion in Doha, especially on national holidays and during Ramadan. The Qatari’s truly adore their country, and it makes me proud to be in a place where the generous leaders are loved and respected by their nation.

What are your 3 favourite hidden gems in Doha?

Although not really hidden, Fuwairit Beach is absolutely stunning! The water is the bluest I’ve ever seen.

Another gem has to be Katara Festival, which only opens during winter. It’s a beautiful temporary exhibition they hold for companies all over the world. The last one was held at Al Thakira Mangroves, where everyone could go kayaking into the forest – during the sunset!

Which 3 Qatar-based accounts do you like to follow?

Number 1 has to be @iloveqatar, because it’s one of the first expat-friendly websites that started in the country, and the face of ILQ is very engaging. They always post the latest news and happenings in Qatar, with fun and exciting views into Qatari culture.  Also, they constantly do reviews of restaurants, hotels etc, which I believe I can relate to.

Number 2 is @harrietlamode – other than being one of the funniest people I’ve met in Qatar, her pictures are awesome.  She’s able to capture a lot of emotion in her images and there’s always something friendly about her posts.

Finally, number 3 has got to be, because he posts some of the coolest pictures from Doha. Most photographers these days tag him first, in order to share their photographs with his audience.  I also appreciate his sense of style in pictures. Oh, and I love the food images…YUM!

Lulu, what are your 3 favourite offers on your Entertainer App?

Silkor Laser Medical Center offers the best value for money for us ladies! All of the offers listed for Silkor are those that any woman could use – and they have HUGE savings!

I’ve always loved going to Spice Market and now I can do it with the ENTERTAINER! I always visit with a group of friends, so we always end up saving 250-300 QR using the offers available.

Shangri-La Hotel – I love the hotel offers because they save me so much money! Whether family or friends are visiting Qatar, or I’m traveling, it’s just amazing that you can spend 2 nights at the hotel for the price of 1.

So there you have it, take a leaf out of Lulu’s book, and get discovering Doha and surrounding areas! Don’t forget, if you too are a fan of mini staycations, check out our Hotels Worldwide section on the app, and take advantage of our Hot Summer Nights promotion – until 31st August 2017, stay for 6 nights, and only pay for 3!

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