Beat The Qatari Heat Indoors

The 21st of June marks the official start of summer but if you live in the GCC you’ll have been lamenting a cooler time, months ago, with the rising humidity and hearing every passing stranger remark that “summer is definitely here already”. With that sad fact now a harsh reality for us here in the Middle East, the ENTERTAINER are providing you lovely people with ways to beat the heat, head undercover and have fun indoors instead!

Escapology: Room

Location: New Salatah
Estimated Savings: QAR700

Find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape this physically and mentally challenging game. The time will fly by and best of all, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment.

Adventure Rooms: Full Game Booking

Location: New Salatah
Estimated Savings: QAR700

Much like Escapology, you will challenge your limits and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. This one is more fast-paced than others so bring your A-game

Megapolis Activity Center: QAR50 Cash Credit

Location: The Pearl Qatar
Estimated Savings: QAR50

With every single fun indoor activity under one roof, you’ll lose all track of time and have a day to remember at this one-stop entertainment extravaganza including bowling, arcade games, shooting games, snooker and more.

Café Céramique Activities: Activity Session

Location: The Mall
Estimated Savings: QAR100

Fun for all the family and kids of any age! Gather up your kids and their creative young minds and delve into a world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and watch them as their cogs turn and they learn and innovative ways of thinking.

Music & Arts Atelier: Dance & Fitness for Adults or Private Music Lesson

Location: Bin Omran
Estimated Savings: QAR50 or QAR200

Make the most of your time hiding from the sun and dedicate some time this summer to learning something new. Pick up a guitar or perch in front of a drumkit and let your creative juices flow. If that doesn’t take your fancy then get on your feet and learn a new dance move or two.

Summer may make life more difficult for us desert dwellers but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Get out there (or indoors?) this year and see what is on offer.

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