Keep the Kids Content in Qatar!

Kids can be notoriously difficult to entertain and keep content these days, which is completely baffling with the sheer amount of things there are to do with your little ones.

Before technology, you could give them a stick and they’d play for hours, nowadays nothing seems to be enough.

Whether it be school holidays, weekends or even the odd weeknight, you might be at a loss with just what to do and where to take the kids to keep them (and you) happy.

Café Ceramique Activities: Activity Session

Estimated Savings: QAR100
Location: The Mall

Let them get creative and perhaps a little messy (as we hear that is good for the soul) and discover your child’s inner Picasso while watching them paint their very own mug to take home. You can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee and try your hand at some painting and make it a real family affair.

Funderdome: QAR100 Game Card

Estimated Savings: QAR100
Location: Mirqab Mall

As the name suggests this is a place of fun inside a dome! Kids of all ages will love it here with an array of games and even a soft play area for the extra little ones. Perfect for letting the kids run wild in a safe place while you kick back and relax.

Adventure Rooms: Full Game

Estimated Savings: QAR600
Location: New Salata

Something for the older kids, enter the room and challenge yourself and your minds. You get 60mins to escape whatever is inside and it’s a great way to tire out those young minds and turn it into a bonding experience to boot.

Megapolis Entertainment Center: Virtual Reality Experience

Estimated Savings: QAR45
Location: The Pearl-Qatar

If your kids are technology fiends then this is the place for them. Take them on a wild virtual reality wild and check all the other fun stuff there while you’re at it, including bowling, arcade games, race car simulators and even karaoke!

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