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We know that some restrictions are lifting and you might be gingerly exploring the big bad world again. We also know that you might be staying cocooned in your house until you feel 100% comfortable going outside. Both options are totally cool with us.

You can use your ENTERTAINER on Delivery of course and a lot of places are back up and running and accepting offers if you do want to head outside! While things are still a little uncertain though, we’re remaining positive, resourceful, and focused on YOU. Until we’re 100% back in action, we’ve got some Spotify inspo for you with our ENTERTAINER playlists to make sure that you #StayENTERTAINED.

If you’re stuck at home, feeling a lil’ gloomy, and missing our all-round good vibes – log in to Spotify, search for the ENTERTAINER, and turn up the volume. We’ve come up with some Spotify inspo to keep your head boppin’ and your mood poppin’.


Spotify Playlist 1: Solo Dance Party

We know you do it. We do it as well.  In times like these, a solo dance party is an absolute must. In the shower, on the bed, naked, fully-dressed, whatever makes you happy, you do it, man. Just make sure you do it to LMFAO, Whitney Houston, Black Eyed Peas and, of course, Ke$ha (among many other dance-hit faves).

Playlist 2: Positive Vibes

This is a’ turn that frown upside-down’ kinda Spotify playlist. We’re talking The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations, Train’s Hey, Soul Sister and even a little sneaky appearance from our all-time fave, Justin Timberlake. Without giving too much away, this snazzy little playlist will have you Uptown Funking, MMMBopping, and Shaking It Off 😉

Spotify playlists

Spotify Playlist 3: Workin’ Up A Sweat 

The name says it all. Pop on your yoga tights, your trusty trainers and grab those weights (or whatever you have laying around the house…we hear water bottles work well!). Turn the volume up loud and work off all that excess frustration. Seriously, guys, gymming to good music makes all the difference. Expect appearances from OK Go, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and some Britney Spears.

spotify inspo

Playlist 4: Cookin’

Now that you’ve got all the time in the world to blow bae away with delish dishes and tantalizing treats, you might as well do it in style, right? Our Cookin’ Spotify playlist will help keep you motivated in the kitchen with cute lil’ beats from Jack Johnson, Nina Simone, UB40 (we know you can guess this song – hint: it rhymes with bed, bed, nine), among many other drool-worthy artists.

Spotify Playlist 5: Work From Home (WFH) 

This is for all the lucky peeps that are working from home – we’ve put together some Dolly Parton, Missy Elliott and others to motivate you while you bang out some of your best work yet. If it’s focus music you’re after, we’ve got some of that, too. Yup, we make working and smiling together a possibility!

spotify inspo

Okay, folks, that should be enough to keep you busy for quite a while. BUT, if it’s not, don’t fret. We’re going to be adding playlists as the weeks go by, so #StayTuned, #StayENTERTAINED, and, most importantly, #Staypositive.

We love you. Okay byeee.

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