Satisfy those sugar cravings in Qatar

I think we can all agree that dessert is the best part of any meal and if you aren’t addicted to sugar like we are, we will have you converted in no time.

If you do happen to have a sweet tooth and like to skip dinner and go straight to dessert, we have the perfect guide for you.

Check it out, because here’s where to satisfy those sugar cravings!

Sweet Treats: Medium Frozen Yoghurt

Estimated Savings: QAR22
Location: Dar Al Salam Mall
Our Opinion: If you dream about a lovely house in heaven made of ice cream, then you are in the right place. Sweet Treats gives you a variety of frozen yoghurt, Thai rolled ice cream, cotton candy, shaved ice cream and a mix of candies – all you need for a sweeter day.


Qavanna: Cake

Estimated Savings: QAR25
Location: The Gate Mall
Our Opinion: Want to relax while getting that sugar hit? Qavanna is a wonderful spot to rest your feet, catch up with friends and chuck the diet out of the window. You’d be mad not to order a slice of cake at Qavanna and you’d be even madder not to invite us!

Dippingo Chocolate Bar: Main Menu Item

Estimated Savings: QAR30
Location: Gulf Mall
Our Opinion: If you want it dipped in chocolate, mixed with chocolate, topped with chocolate or basically anything to do with chocolate…this is the place for you. Indulge in all things sweet with a side of coffee and fall into a wonderful sugar coma.

Baskin Robbins: Single Value Sundae Cup

Estimated Savings: QAR11
Location: Villaggio Mall
Our Opinion: When you think of ice cream, Baskin-Robbins is a brand that immediately comes to mind. Famous across the globe, Baskin Robbins never fails to put a smile on your face.

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