Which inspirational quote best describes you?

A good inspirational quote is our guilty pleasure. We’re scrolling through the gram and we see something that hits us in the feels and as our thumb hovers over the share icon, we pause. Is this too cheesy to share? Are we being like, totally cliché?

We’re all guilty of it. If you haven’t passive-aggressively shared a quote in silent protest of your feelings or to teach someone else a lesson, then you haven’t been using the internet right.

But have you ever wondered what your choice of words really means about you? It’s a burning question of ours too so we’ve broken it down to help you gain a little bit of personal insight. You’re welcome.

The Strength Quote

Being inclined towards an inspirational quote that values tenacity over all else is quite telling. Firstly if you are sharing these left, right and centre with candid captions, rest assured we all know what’s up. You aren’t being sly or hiding your angst.

That’s not to say all strength quotes are a silent ‘up yours’ to whoever did the dirty on you. When you’re having a tough time and you see a strength quote, it gives you that kick up the bum to keep going, right?

So if you’re the one sharing these, we suspect you enjoy giving people hard truths and being the person who can pick people up, dust them off and throw some cheesy one-liners at them until they at least stop crying.

We also have a sneaky feeling you might be a gym bunny. If that’s the case you should check out the gym selection on the app to help release all that pent up energy in between beating up a punching bag and chanting that motivating quote!

The Positive Vibes Quote

inspirational quote

It’s not a positive vibe quote without curly wurly script and a cute border (usually flower-related). These serve to brighten your day, cheer up a friend and spread good vibes. Who doesn’t need a little of that in their day-to-day lives?

There really isn’t anything bad about a classic positive vibe quote and if you are the kind of person that gravitates towards them, we’d say your the type of person who will always see the silver lining. You bring the treats to the office for everyone to share and you’ll be the first to compliment someone on their new hairstyle.

You’re what the world needs more of and we reckon you love nothing more than going for a coffee with your friends or chilling out by the pool, soaking up the sunshine and good conversation. You should definitely try out one of the coffee shops on the app for a good natter with friends or head to a hotel that has a 50% Off Pool Pass offer to dose yourself with vitamin D and top-up that feel-good magic.

The Historical/Famous Quote

The historical quote is quite the enigma in the deep inspirational quote ocean. Is it true? Has someone just pasted a well-known quote next to someone famous to give it more weight? Who knows.

What we do know is that these little nuggets of motivation are shared far and wide and serve to help us humble, ordinary folk strive for bigger and better things. I mean, if Walt Disney can get rejected dozens of times and then suddenly become a house-hold name across the globe then why can’t we. Right?!

Regardless of whose wise words you choose to stand behind, famous quotes all ignite that little spark inside of us that keeps us pushing through this whirlwind we call adulthood. We bet you’re the wise owl in your social group and we can guarantee someone is using you as their role model. You’re calm and collected and most likely, everyone’s rock.

We think you’d love nothing more than going to a top-notch restaurant followed by a deep, thought-provoking conversation at the bar afterwards. Why not try one of the gourmet restaurants on the app for your next jaunt out.

The Comical Quote

inspirational quote

This is our personal favourite inspirational quote genre. The world really does have too much doom and gloom and when something makes us stop and chuckle, then that’s all right with us. Life is for laughing and if you take yourself too seriously, you’ll miss all the good bits!

We’d bet money on the people who are drawn to comical quotes are the life of the party. You light up the room and people gravitate towards you due to your feel-good, laid back nature. We’re pretty confident your social life is booming but we’re sure you’d agree that making everyone else laugh can be exhausting. Don’t forget to say no once in a while so you can chill out on the sofa and recharge your batteries for the next big party.

If you’re a comical quote kind of person, you should grab some 2-for-1 ice cream on the app. We just know you love sweet stuff and we’ve got lots to tickle your tastebuds!

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